Books By Michael Tibbetts

The 7 Divine Lessons Of Family Healing

The 7 Divine Lessons Of Family Healing is a personal reflection on “Family Healing,” my family(ies), your family(ies) and the World and Universal Family(ies). The book’s Appendix is also a “Toolbox” to assist families in beginning and maintaining their own restorative pilgrimages.

The Reflections-”Passing On The Inner Light” section relates some of the author’s own “Spiritual Awakening” experiences as preparation for and support of his evolving role as Spiritual Patriarch of his own Family(ies). He believes God selects someone from every Family to begin and co-create with Him this Family Healing Process.

We begin this journey by looking at “The Origins of Family Wounds.” We conclude it by acknowledging and actively practicing the belief that “Spiritual Wholeness”(Healing) is a reflection of both the intervention and active participation of our Creator in our daily lives, resulting in them becoming an “Everyday Miracle.”

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“Four Revelations On Love” is a discussion of God’s Unconditional Love from my life’s perspective of The Lessons Of Love, The Opportunities To Love, The Vision Of Love and The Experiences Of Love.

We will examine The Lessons Of Love from my experiences of family,  Jesus’ Love for me, and my learning to give to and receive love from other people.

My OpportunitiesTo Love have been like the numbers of stars in the sky (1 quadrillion, that’s the number 1 followed by 16 zeros), too numerous to count. These opportunities begin with God teaching me to love myself just as I am, the good, the bad, the ugly, as He loves me and all of us.

The Vision Of Love is the over-riding goal of love in action in our lives. My goal is to continue to be the spiritual patriarch in my family(ies).

My Experiences Of Love are contained within my Families Of Origin and Creation and my work and spiritual families. Through these experiences, I am forever changing in my capacity to receive and give God’s Unconditional Love.

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