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1.) The Soothing Space:

A one hour opportunity to share your innermost self in a safe and confidential place: Your joys, hopes, and fears, the good , bad and ugly about your own life and about those you love. This is the beginning of Self-Healing, the cradle of Family Healing. This discussion can occur face to face or over the phone, whichever best meets the participant’s needs.

(For A Phone Consultation, Please Contact Michael Tibbetts at or Call Him At (937) 435-8468)

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2.) “Be The Holy Child of God That You Are.” Series:

The lessons in this spiritual growth adventure, will help you, in God’s Perfect Time, discern and fulfill His Divine Will for you. “See #6 at the bottom of this page for class details.”

3.) Michael Tibbetts' first Divinely-Inspired Book entitled: "The 7 Divine Lessons Of Familiy Healing"

This book is a cornerstone of this Ministry. Michael is a Spirit Inspired author of books and articles focusing on individual and family healing. 

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4.) The Restored Life Partners Support Group:

These partners are couples who have been previously separated , divorced or are in crisis and have been reunited through the “Loving Grace of the Holy Spirit.” The Group is designed help these partners strengthen their unions to “Go The Distance,” in the face of relationships crumbling all around them.



“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.

Before you were born, I sanctified you

I ordained you a prophet to the nations”

~ Jeremiah 1:5

Our Creator loves us beyond our human comprehension. Og Mandino in his book, “The God Memorandum,” a love letter from God to Humanity, relates that God says “WE(Humanity) are HIS Greatest Miracle.” Should we think any less of ourselves?

Each of us has a Divine Contract that we form with our Guardian Angels to complete this adventure in our lives. We each have a “Divine Truth” that God has placed us on Earth to share with Humanity in order to create “Heaven On Earth.” Spiritual Awakening is the process of becoming aware of, accepting and doing the footwork of our Divine Contact.

The Lessons in this Spiritual Growth Adventure, will help you in your and God’s Perfect Time and Manner, “Be The Holy Child Of God That You Are.”

6.) Classes Offered By This Center (* To Order Any Of These Classes, Please Contact Michael Tibbetts at or Call Him At (937) 435-8468)

1.) Be The Holy Child Of God That You Are

  • How To Write A Personal Spiritual Mission Statement

Everyone asks, “What Is God’s Will For Me?” The Personal Spiritual Mission Statement is a “Holy Spirit” driven vehicle through which this questioned can be answered. In His Time. This is a 2 Session Class. The I’st session provides background on Mike’s own personal journey with the writing and the physical manifestation of his own Statement beginning in 1995. Session 2 is devoted to helping participants write their own Statements, a vehicle for manifesting God’s Heart’s Desire in your life in His Perfect Time.

  • Addiction, Grace and Family Healing

Addiction, humanity’s effort to fill from the outside that can only filled by our Creator from the inside, is a growing problem in our society. This presentation will take participants through the 7 Steps of Grace necessary to help both individuals and families survive and ultimately thrive through this Family and ultimately “Cultural Dis-ease.”

  • Women: Teaching Your Man How To Be More Emotionally Present To You

Women, we know men are a mystery to you as you are to men. It’s amazing, because of our differences, that we get along as well as we do. This presentation explores the differences between men and women and the attitudes and skills women can develop in helping men partner with them physically, emotionally & spiritually to build stronger and more intimately durable (Intimacy = In To Me See) relationships.

Long Term Committed Male/Female Relationships, at their best, have their ups and down. It’s learning how to together both celebrate the good times and move through those ups and downs and not ‘Run Away” at the first sign of trouble, that helps create closer, stronger, and more intimate (Intimacy= In To Me See) relationships.

Women are certainly welcome to bring with them their significant men in their lives to share in this relationship strengthening experience.

  • Rediscovering Our Inner Divinity

The 12 Steps and 11 Promises of Alcoholics Anonymous are not just a “Path of Recovery” for addicted people, but a Path to Learning How to Lead a Serene and Serving Life for anyone. We will briefly discuss the original 12 Steps and 11 Promises.. This will serve as an introduction to exploring additional Ancient Wisdom passed onto the Class Leader in the form of “Steps 13-21- Rediscovering Our Inner Divinity.” These are further instructions in attaining personal and community serenity and illumination.

  • 7 Universal Laws Of The Family Healer Path

In 1960, the percentage of American Families that included a Father, Mother and Child(ren), called the “Nuclear Family,” Society’s building block, was nearly 80%. In 2011, that figure is under 20%, a social catastrophe.

The Presenter is a “Family Healer.” Beginning in 1985, he has spearheaded the “Healing Journey,” a lifelong process, of his own Family over the past 26 years and beyond. He has also simultaneously supported 100’s of other Families begin and maintain their own “Restoration Processes,” if they choose to do so. The 7 Universal Laws are God’s Gift to the Presenter to help him envision and continue the process, through literally 100’s of both human and societal belief and behavioral obstacles.

This Presentation is a guide to those current and/or future “Family Healers,” to help them begin and “Stay The Course.”(God’s Family Healing Path).

Please join us for this life changing dialogue.

  • The Weaver & The Potter: The Infinite and The Intimate Faces Of God

Many people believe that the “God of Miracles” only performed them during “Biblical Times,” that miracles cannot occur in a secular based modern society.

The Class Leader’s own “Spiritual Awakening To His Divine Contract” as a “Family Healer.” has taught him that God is operating in every moment of our lives, whether we are able to acknowledge that presence or not. “Bidden or Not, God Is Always Present.”

We will do a short overview of the landmark book, “The Will Of God,” by Leslie D. Weatherhead(1944). We will then proceed to explore God operating in Ancient History, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the 20th Century and in our own personal daily lives. Once we are able to acknowledge and embrace the partnership of His Grace and our Divinely-led action, Life does truly become “An Everyday Miracle.”

2.) Til Death Do Us Part

  • Finding A Godly Mate
  • 10 Good Marks Of And 10 Myths Of Marriage
  • Boundaries In Marriage

“A lifetime of love and commitment is one of the Greatest Gifts God has given us. Marriage is one of God’s best designs; it’s the one He chose as the metaphor to describe our relationship with Him. It is the mystery of living as one flesh with another human being(Ephesians 5: 31-32).

Marriage is about love. It is about being bound together by the care, need, companionship, and the values of two people, which can overcome hurt, immaturity, and selfishness to form something better than what each person alone can produce. Love is at the heart of marriage, as it is at the Heart Of God Himself(I John 4:16).

This six(6) hour video curriculum is about promoting, growing, developing and repairing and/or strengthening love in a marriage. Boundaries In

Marriage are designed to help each partner take personal responsibility for his or her own life while, at the same time, loving his or her partner without enabling or rescuing him or her.” Through God’s Ever-Present Grace, let us begin this Journey together.

  • Covenant Marriage

3.) The 7 Divine Lessons Of Family Healing

  • Introduction & Origin Of Family Wounds
  • A) Attracting Scarcity Or Abundance B) Fear & Blaming
  • A.) Denial B.) Life Problems “Geographical Solutions”
  • A.) Self Destructive Behavior B.) God’s Role In Our Lives

7.) Family Trailblazers Program I

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To help you manage your #1 Family Healing Priority